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Powder Types, Colours & Finishes

We use different types of powders depending on where they are going to be used.

Polyester Powders

Recommended for exterior use, polyester powders have good weathering and mechanical properties and are resistant to colour fade in direct sunlight. This is generally good for all round protective coatings.

Epoxy Polyester Powders

Epoxy polyester powders are recommended for interior areas away from direct sunlight. These powders have some resistance against solvents and other chemicals and have superior mechanical performance and corrosion resistance.

Nylon Powders

These powders are ideal for many areas due to their resistance to damage, including chemical and corrosive environments. Nylon is also good for things like wire baskets, marine areas, furniture, conveyor rollers and playground equipment etc.

Anti-bacterial Powders

This anti–bacterial powder will protect almost any surface against the growth of bacteria and is ideal for all hospital areas and equipment, veterinary surgeries, food sevice and packing areas, child care facilities and elderly peoples homes.

Plastic Coating PPA 571

A themoplastic coating powder, also known as warm to touch, this powder coating is environmentally friendly and is approved for contact with food and drinking water. It will NOT chip or crack in service, GRAFFITI can be wiped clean and it is available in range of gloss colours. The coating has superior resistance to sea air, salt water and sun light, much the same qualities as nylon.

Areas of use are:

  • fencing/ railings

  • portable water pipes and fittings

  • playgrounds

  • automotive

  • street furniture

  • lamp posts

  • construction

  • hand rails for the elderly/disabled as it provides grip and gives a warm feel

  • swimming pools due to it chemical resistance i.e. chlorine

Zinc Rich Primer Powder

This is recommended for use as an anti corrosive primer and is generally used after blasting to help prevent corrosion. Then it is partially cured, after which the coating is applied and fully cured with your preferred colour.


There is such a vast range of colours and textures available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We have colour charts on site and many sample panels to assist you in your colour choice but please be aware that not all samples on swatches or charts give a true colour.

Bring or send us in a sample of the colour you wish to have and we will do our best to get it matched.

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